mŏkbar is a ramen shop in Chelsea Market that combines traditional Korean soups with fresh Japanese ramen noodles for a unique noodle experience. In Asia, eating noodles on-the-go as street food is an everyday lifestyle. mŏkbar will bring that cultural experience to New York City by selling ramen for take-out. Customers will be able to enjoy comforting noodles on-the-go while browsing Chelsea Market, enjoying the city, in the office, or back at home.

mŏkbar also offers a sit down dining experience for lunch and dinner where diners can watch the chefs prepare their meal in front of them.  mŏkbar is excited to offer a special seasonal menu and small Korean plates called “anju” during the dinner hours as well!

Each dish has its own unique story but the chef, Esther Choi’s artisanal kimchi (fermented Korean pickles) holds a special place in her heart. Kimchi is at the center of every Korean meal and has amazing health benefits – loaded with vitamins A, B and C as well as healthy bacteria from the fermentation process – and is incorporated into each ramen dish and small plates on mŏkbar’s menu. mŏkbar customers can consume seasonal kimchi with their meal, as well as purchase them to go to enjoy at home.

For more information please call (646) 964-5963 or visit online here.

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